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    These guys have been in lots of teen magazines lately.  For example: Seventeen, YM, Teen People etc.   OK, not that many, still it is a lot than than a few years ago. 


  • Jerry and Charlie are 2 of the most beautiful guys on earth according to the February 1999 edition of YM. 
  • Jerry was on the Rosie O'Donnell show and "Later" (Later is on NBC.  He was hosting with special guest star Jordana Brewster, his castmate from "The 60's").  Ok, maybe it's my own opinion, but on "Later" he looked ridiculous with the shoulder length hair.  I like him much better with short wavy hair, not spiky. 

        There are some pictures from those articles.  There is this CUTE picture from when they were little.  Now who would have thought the little "husky" kid would turn into a MAJOR hunk nowadays (I'm talking about Jerry).

        This is their chat transcript from Sci-fi channel online.  They had an online chat on May 13, 1998.  I was online on the same channel too.  Personally, I think the chat was great, but unfortunately I did not get the chance to talk to them  Well, actually when you look at the chat, you will notice that the chat wasn't exactly in chat form.  But I really took it from the Scifi channel.  :(

       Jerry will have a new movie out this summer of 99.  The title is "Jello Shots" although the executives of the movie might change the title because they don't want to be sued by Jell-o Gelatin company.  I will basically copy the information from the March 1999 edition of Seventeen for the information that I will put here. 

           REEL NEWS Jello Shots (Summer 1999)by Eliza Bergman Krause

      "I had to do my first love scene-I thought it was going to be a lot more fun,"says Jerry O'Connell(of Scream 2 fame).  "I'd be kissing [actress Tara Reid], and we'd be scantily clad, and you're just getting into it, and you're thinking, Wow, maybe this actually isn't acting-maybe there are some sparks here.  And then you look up and see 4 crew guys chewing gum.  It's such a mood breaker". 

      the two actors were making kissy-face for a movie whose working title is Jello Shots.  (Jell-O, the gelatin dessert maker, is still deciding whether the filmmakers can use its brand name; a Jell-O shots is a novelty drink that mixes gelatin with hard liquor. ) This fil is not feel-good family-style entertainment-it follows a group of twentysomething on the wild night on the town in Los Angeles.  The funseekers are played by O'Connell, Reid, Sean Patrick Flanery, Amanda Peet, Ron Livingston, and the movie is directed by Pulitzer Prize-and Tony Award-winning playwright Michael Cristofer". 

       "The first act is basically the group getting ready to go out," explains O'Connell, whose character, Mike, is a pro football player.  "They talk very candidly about what they wish sex in the nineties was like-and the men say things totally different from the women.  When I first read the script, it actually open my eyes to a lot of little tricks that I should be using as a single male".  This isn't as devious as it sounds:"Now, whenever I go to dinner with a woman, I always order an appetizer for her and me-just doo it, don't ask what [she]wants, you just order app[etizer]s right away.  Honestly, I'm a better man because of this film. 

        There are some pictures that I have scanned or have taken from other websites.  Thank you for the pictures (For the homepages which pictures I have taken.) Please click on their description.   Enjoy!


  • Break time for Jerry (From September 1998 issue of Young & Modern magazine)
  •  Sixth annual RACE to Erase MS Fundraiser at Las Vegas's Hard Rock Hotel & Casino In Style Magazine August 1999 edition
  •  The Chasm Taken from SCIFI Slide Online of Sliders Season 4 Episode "The Chasm"
  •  Ahh! Relaxing by the pool
  •  Being Serious
  •  His signatureIt reads: Dear Teen People, I'm just writing like this because everyone else in my H[igh] S[chool] yearbook did.  Have a great summer! Teen People Special Issue of Summer 1999
  •  Just Smiling
  •  Another smiling moment
  •   A much younger Jerry.  Maybe he's about 14-17?
  •  A face and shoulder shot.  He looks cool this way with that look of his. 
  •  Jerry as Frank Cushman, the snotty athlete who dissed Tom Cruise on "Jerry McGuire"
  •  Rev. Perry Ray Pruitt Jerry's role in "What the deaf man heard" (this is me laughing out loud) He..looks funny in this outfit, but still he is cute (continues laughing)
  •  Promo pic of "The 60's" This is another animation that I did with PaintShop Pro Animation Shop.  The download time varies with the speed of modem you are using.  14.4k = 1 minute 36 seconds; 28.8k = 49 seconds; 56k = 25 seconds; and over ISDN = 11 seconds.  It's worth the wait. 
  •  Jerry by the brick.  A nice contrast between the jacket and the background. 
  •  From the February 1999 50 most beautiful people edition .  He was voted in the category "horror flick heartthrobs"  The caption said "The girls are still Scream-ing over Jerry."

  •   Charlie

  •  Charlie by the glass (From September 1998 issue of Young & Modern magazine)
  •  The ChasmTaken from SCIFI slide online Season 4 Episode "The Chasm"
  •  Pillowhugging He looks so innocent here. 
  •  Amish Colin I think this picture was taken during the break of Sliders episode 6 "Oh brother, where art thou?" Correct me if I'm wrong here.  This is one of my fave pic of Charlie. 
  •  Charlie against wall of bricks The color is a bit blurry, but I like the contrast between the black jacket and the bricks. 
  •  Smiling Charlie
  •  Brother, Where art thou?  The ending look of Charlie's premiere in Season 4's "Sliders"
  •  Confused Charlie Looking to the right. 
  •  Confused Charlie Looking to the left. 
  •  From the February 1999 50 most beautiful people edition.  He was voted in the category "new faces to love"  Isn't he cute?

  •   Group

  • Photo time! (The background picture)
  • The Brothers OConnell
  • The O'Connells From left to right: Linda(mom), Jerry, Charlie, and Michael(dad). 
  • Season 4 cast of Sliders. From left to right: Cleavant Derricks (Rembrandt), Jerry O'Connell(Quinn), Kari Wuhrer (Maggie), and Charlie O'Connell (Colin)
  • Road's Taken Quick snapshots between Maggie (Wuhrer) and Quinn (O'Connell)
  • Road's Taken A Wedding kiss between Maggie and Quinn of the bubble earth. 
  • Road's Taken The Mallorys in an alternate bubble dimension.  Left to right: Maggie Beckett Mallory, Thomas Mallory, Quinn Mallory
  • A picture from the younger days (From the October 1998 issue of Young & Modern magazine)
  • The brothers' animation.  I made this animation using Paint Shop Pro 5.1 Animation shop.  The download time varies with the speed of modem you are using.  14.4k = 60 seconds; 28.8k = 30 seconds; 56k = 16 seconds; and over ISDN = 7 seconds.  It's worth the wait. 
  • Jerry's new movie That girl next to him, Tara Reid, played his scantily clad(?) girlfriend. 

      The following links might be useful:

  • The Scifi ChannelFor sliders related pictures and info on Jerry and Charlie. 
  • .  you can find a lot of info here, from Sliders season 1 to recent season.  The pictures here are mainly Sliders related too. 
  • THE O'CONNELLS PAGE-A tribute to Jerry and Charlie.  Nice page.  Info on the brothres, on "Sliders", and pictures of the brothers. 
  • Visions of Jerry O'Connell A page for Jerry fans.  Unlike my page, the webmanager updates the page frequently.  So, you can find more info about Jerry there. 

      I will be adding more pictures when I find the time.  Please dont hesitate to contact me at
    Thank you for stopping by!

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